Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey folks,

Hope you had a great weekend .....

So excited to talk about GLEE this week in class. Check out Kayla's Blog for links to the Pilot Episode and Never Been Kissed (season 2, episode 6) or you can buy them on Amazon and Itunes.

Once you watch both episodes, please post on your blog about them as they relate to the Dean reading for this week. Use the tools we have already developed in class including the model Kayla led last week on Easy A, the three assumptions of the course, Raby's dominant discourses of youth, Grinner's SCWAAMP, or Christensen's "secret education" to talk about what this show teaches us about teenagers. I am not so interested in whether you like the show, or if it is realistic, or if you think "teenagers would never do that," etc. I want you to think abut how this show TEACHES US about what is "normal" about teenagers, and how it naturalizes certain ideas about who teenagers are.

See ya on Tuesday!

LB :)

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