Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Video Resources to Check Out

Hope your Final Projects are going well!! As you figure out how to represent your claims in a 3-5 minute video, you will need to play with several visual resources in order to design a project that works for you. Here are some links that might be helpful to you as you work on them over the next week...

Camtasia -- for taking video of your live computer screen

Jing -- another screen capture software

Youtube Downloader -- to convert youtube videos into other formats to insert into your project

Free Editing software -- random software you could play with

RSA animate project -- this is an idea to use (you could draw something and film yourself drawing it)

Random student project -- this is from last spring where one of my students made a video in a week. might give you some ideas.

I also have cameras you can check out with my department secretary... taking your own footage might make your project more interesting!! Or don't be afraid to use your phone to capture things as well.

GOOD LUCK!!! And have fun with it!

LB :)

Cinderella and Enlightened Sexism

Looking forward to out last day tomorrow and to our discussion of Peggy Orenstein and Susan Douglas. Hoping to do some visual mapping of what each author lays out in order to teach each other abut their claims. See you in class!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey folks,

Hope you had a great weekend .....

So excited to talk about GLEE this week in class. Check out Kayla's Blog for links to the Pilot Episode and Never Been Kissed (season 2, episode 6) or you can buy them on Amazon and Itunes.

Once you watch both episodes, please post on your blog about them as they relate to the Dean reading for this week. Use the tools we have already developed in class including the model Kayla led last week on Easy A, the three assumptions of the course, Raby's dominant discourses of youth, Grinner's SCWAAMP, or Christensen's "secret education" to talk about what this show teaches us about teenagers. I am not so interested in whether you like the show, or if it is realistic, or if you think "teenagers would never do that," etc. I want you to think abut how this show TEACHES US about what is "normal" about teenagers, and how it naturalizes certain ideas about who teenagers are.

See ya on Tuesday!

LB :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

The week of June 7th, we are looking at notions of digital culture and how it shapes and is shaped by teenagers.

Please read this article by Marc Prensky (called "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" listed under The Classics on his webpage) and blog about it for this week. Be clear and speicifc in your blogs, staying close to the text, using direct quotes (no matter what options you choose for our post), and including links as you explore Prensky's ideas.

See you on Tuesday!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Save the Last Dance

In class on Thursday, we are going to watch Save the Last Dance and do a close reading of the text. We will be using the tools we have been developing so far to read the film and understand what it teaches us about teenagers, about race, about gender, about social class, about dancing, etc...

Please watch the film before Thursday and take notes while you watch. Then, we will watch it again (most people who study media watch a text several times to really get at the "secret education"!) and see what else we can see.

Also, please check out Kayla's blog to skim the article she will be presenting as her media artifact on Thursday...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome to Teenagers in/and the Media!

Welcome to this Women's Studies blogging adventure!

Between this moment and 9:00pm on Wednesday night, you will set up your own blog to use this summer session for all of your Talking Points assignments, and to keep track of your thoughts about any of the issues we cover.

A blog is your very own, personal online journal. It is public, in that I and your classmates can read it and comment on it, but it is your space and you can control most everything about it. (If you want to make it private so that *only* members of this class can read it, I can show you how to do so).

In the context of this course, your blog has two purposes:

1) Your blog will provide a space for you to keep all of your Talking Points assignments over the course of our six weeks together. You will not hand in written assignments to us each week; rather you will post them on your blog. In this sense, your blog is merely your assignment notebook that you will use as you read and prepare for class each week. You will also be posting any additional thoughts you have: responses to class discussion, after thoughts, things you forgot to say in class, relevant experiences you have, etc.

But importantly, your blog is a public space and as you post (and comment on others'), you will gain a much richer understanding of everything we read and discuss in class. We want you to think of it as interactive and intertextual in that way.

2) Creating your own blog will also introduce you to the blogisphere if you don't know this place already. We hope that you will discover creative educational uses for this online medium. You will see how easy it is to use, and perhaps it will inspire you to be a blogger in other areas of your life.

To start your own blog, you will go to:

The big orange box at the top right of the page will direct you to creating your own blog on a site called Follow the instructions to open up a free account. Don't forget your Username and Password!! You will need them to login everytime.

As you fill in the info, you will be asked to name your blog. This title will appear at the top of your blog. (Mine is called "Teen Summer Adventure")

Then, you need to choose an address:

This will be the web address associated with your site. you can call it anything you like. Be clever or simple (or both) -- it is up to you.

You will also need to choose a design template for your blog. Look through the options listed and see what appeals to you. You can change this later and can even find fun, creative templates at sites like PYZAM.

Once you have the account set up, you can start posting. A “posting” is an entry on your blog. (For clarification, you have one blog, but many postings). Give the post a title and then compose as you would any journal entry. When you are finished, hit the button at the bottom that says Publish Post. It will not appear on your blog until you publish it. You can always go back and edit old posts and create new ones.

Your First Post:
Your first post should be a short introduction to you: who are you, how your summer is going so far, what do you do when you are not in class, etc. (Just a short paragraph — no big deal). You will post the rest of the entries as they are due (see course syllabus for dates), or whenever you have something to say!

When you are done creating your site and posting your first entry, please come back to this blog and post a comment at the end of my first posting (scroll down) that includes your blog address so that I can post it in the link list to the right.

Some Tips and Helpful Hints:
  • Once you are in your blog, look at the top right corner of the screen. If you click on the word DESIGN, you will be able to make design changes, create new posts, edit old posts, etc. (You can only do this if you are logged in to your blog.)
  • Once you are in the DESIGN screen, you can do all kinds of things to make your blog a bit more interesting. Change your fonts and colors, edit a post, change your settings. See the tabs at the top of the screen for all kinds of options.
  • Poke around online and make a list of websites related to education, diversity, social justice or anything else relevant and post them on your blog. You can add all kinds of things by ADDING A GADGET from your Design Screen.
  • Just do the best you can with this. If you get stuck, don't fret... I am happy to help you anytime as you work on getting this started. Send me an email, come see me in office hours, or grab me after class. And remember: you can't break it. It is just a blog. Everything can be changed if need be!
Good luck!!

LB :)