Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Video Resources to Check Out

Hope your Final Projects are going well!! As you figure out how to represent your claims in a 3-5 minute video, you will need to play with several visual resources in order to design a project that works for you. Here are some links that might be helpful to you as you work on them over the next week...

Camtasia -- for taking video of your live computer screen

Jing -- another screen capture software

Youtube Downloader -- to convert youtube videos into other formats to insert into your project

Free Editing software -- random software you could play with

RSA animate project -- this is an idea to use (you could draw something and film yourself drawing it)

Random student project -- this is from last spring where one of my students made a video in a week. might give you some ideas.

I also have cameras you can check out with my department secretary... taking your own footage might make your project more interesting!! Or don't be afraid to use your phone to capture things as well.

GOOD LUCK!!! And have fun with it!

LB :)

Cinderella and Enlightened Sexism

Looking forward to out last day tomorrow and to our discussion of Peggy Orenstein and Susan Douglas. Hoping to do some visual mapping of what each author lays out in order to teach each other abut their claims. See you in class!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey folks,

Hope you had a great weekend .....

So excited to talk about GLEE this week in class. Check out Kayla's Blog for links to the Pilot Episode and Never Been Kissed (season 2, episode 6) or you can buy them on Amazon and Itunes.

Once you watch both episodes, please post on your blog about them as they relate to the Dean reading for this week. Use the tools we have already developed in class including the model Kayla led last week on Easy A, the three assumptions of the course, Raby's dominant discourses of youth, Grinner's SCWAAMP, or Christensen's "secret education" to talk about what this show teaches us about teenagers. I am not so interested in whether you like the show, or if it is realistic, or if you think "teenagers would never do that," etc. I want you to think abut how this show TEACHES US about what is "normal" about teenagers, and how it naturalizes certain ideas about who teenagers are.

See ya on Tuesday!

LB :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

The week of June 7th, we are looking at notions of digital culture and how it shapes and is shaped by teenagers.

Please read this article by Marc Prensky (called "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" listed under The Classics on his webpage) and blog about it for this week. Be clear and speicifc in your blogs, staying close to the text, using direct quotes (no matter what options you choose for our post), and including links as you explore Prensky's ideas.

See you on Tuesday!!